vrijdag 8 oktober 2010

lace all over the place

For this entry for Pearls and lace thursday I took some pictures I've made from my handmade hearts and the over the top collection of pearls, lace and old jewelry I've surrounded myself with....too much to handle....

I must admit...it's ll a bit too much for me these days, I am working at so many things with so many materials that I am about to lose control and having a bit of an almost breakdown...some of you might recognize it....
I have to get dinner on the table, paint my house in a different color every year, look after the children, grow my own vegetables , be a wonderful wife and watch all the interesting tv programs and last but not least...I have to check the new posts on each and everyone of my favourite weblogs.....help...stop the world I am falling off...and all of that I have to combine with tree parttime jobs. No I am not complaining, only talking out loudly....
Just go to http://faithgracecrafts.blogspot.com and find out more about the weekly event I am one day too late for.

I can not even find time to check out my English so don't blame me fot the mistakes I 've made...

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Doni zei

Hello Sylvia!!! NO you're not too late!! I've got this party going all month long!!: )
Whenever I want to just drench myself in gorgeous lace beauty I come visit your blog and just browse!! Your pictures are wonderful, but the lace, oh the lace, and the jewelry...Ahhhhh!!!!
Your site is one of my favorites!!!
Thanks so much for joining me for Pearls and Lace Thursday! I'm so honored you came to see me!
Blessings for a tranquil, laid-back week!!!

Mariette zei

Dearest Sylvia,

Guess that I'm falling off the planet with you. So many others are pushing from behind but I'd like to stop and smell the roses a little longer... not ready to move on with the flow! That is my ONLY problem for not having enough hours in the day. Is that having to do with age?!
Anyway, wish you a great weekend and some relaxed times.
Sunny greetings from Georgia/USA


Cindy Adkins zei

Your blog is so beautiful!!!

chateaudelille zei

Your english is really good! You should be very proud or yourself. I do know what you mean about having so much to do. Sometimes I feel quite overwhelmed and dont know where to start! I love all your work. I adore bling and pearls and you have used it all beautifully.Fiona xx

{sinnenrausch} zei

Oh..how beautiful!:-)
Have a great day,

bicocacolors zei

so sweet,so cute,so beautiful!!
you are an artist!, I looove your artwork!
Hugs from Spain

Catharina Maria zei

Oh , Sylvia , dat is weer een hoop moois om te bekijken !
Lieve groet ♥RINI♥


Hello Sylvia! Long time no see my friend. Your hearts make my heart sing! I can understand your dilemma at being overwhelmed at all that your very full life has to offer. I feel the same way much of the time. But take a deep breath, have a cup of tea, and pat yourself on the back because as crazy as it is, you are doing it. And it is wonderful. ANd if you didn't do all of those things, you would probably have a stirring deep down in your soul calling you to do them anyway! So on it goes.

Keep up the beautiful work,

Eileen@StarsFault zei

Your things are always to beautiful! It is the curse of artistic people to have not enough time and too many ideas to make everything one wants to make! I wish I would do better myself at not caring so much about house cleaning and focus on being creative. I think I would be much happier! Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

Bohemian zei

What a treat your Lace and Bling was to see... thanks for sharing such beautiful Treasures!

Dawn... The Bohemian

natuurlijk groen en doen zei

Hoi Sylvia,

Totdat jij foto's kwam nemen voor het H-W magazine het ik me nog nooit in het fenoneem blogen verdiept.Ben toen eens rustig( nou ja bijna iedere vrije minuut)rond gaan kijken op allerlei blogs ..en ik ben helemaal verslaafd en nu dus ook maar mijn eigen blog begonnen.Ben vanaf nu dus ook een "legale"volger van je en kom ook eens een kijkje op mijn blog nemen

groetjes Bep

*Ulrike* zei

All of it looks beautiful

Nook Cranny Gifts zei

You have such BEAUTIFUL lace and bling. Eye candy for me!!
Thanks for sharing.