maandag 29 december 2008

What's another year?

Cindy from is hosting a year in review party. Visit her blog to check out everyone who is involved in this look-back.

Honestly, I did try to make a choice which one I wanted to place .....I could not so I placed a lot of my mosaics I 've made since I started in blogland in october 2008.
I think this is one of my favourite mosaics I made in the past tells a lot about my passions:....fleamarkets, needlework, decorating and all kinds of vintage nice material to look at. My kitchen in not very big, I decorate it with blue and white China, mainly plates I bought in Normandy in France, we used to go camping there once a year. I didn't take a lot of clothes and stuff as we went so that I could fill the car with plates and fleamarketfinds as we went back. Our 3 children allmost ill because they could not wear any coats but....they recovered..

In August we went to Paris for a week, for the first time in 20 years
without any of our 3 children...The mosaic below is of some of the blue and green and grey doors in Paris..just randomly chosen...

The mosaic below has the theme: "White in Paris..."

Fleamarkets in Paris, Saint Ouen, Porte de Vanves etc.
Père Lachaisses, Cimetere Montparnasse and Cimetere Montmartre

Getting dizzy in Paris?

ornaments and statutes in Paris
what to eat in Paris when you want to keep on walking..because you don't want to miss a thing...

A mosaic of Normandy in France, the beaches of Deauville, Trouville and Cabourg
The cats I've made from old linen....

Old linen on the beds, the tables and used as curtains....

I used to collect bears...

Almost Christmas in our bedroom

Christmas in the livingroom...
The old religious linens displayed in the hallway upstairs, they all came from a Catholic church.
I made these hearts for the christmas tree
In the hallway upstairs we painted all things white...including the statue of Maria..
Our bedroom and a part of the collection old linen, I bought most of it at fleamarkets Several things in white, old lace, the hearts I made from old linen and doillies combined with pearls and pictures of our kitchen etc.

For the christmas tree I made 50 hearts of old linen, pieces of tableclothes, pieces of old dresses, old jewelry etc.
These pictures were all taken in our bedroom. We tried to make it nice and calm since we are very noisy ourselves...
Again our bedroom...I keep a lot of the collections in the white cupboards.
A combination of the fleamarket-things in my house and the things Jeannette (my friend) collected over the years and keeps in her house.
The old quilts I bought in America...I love them...
White in the bedroom to keep us calm...
Our hallway, it is not so big but I stuffed it with all things I gathered from the markets and brocantes we've visited in France.

Angels all over the place, I don't know why but I adore them...I think it is because I allways wanted children like angels (I didn't succeed)

Some treasures ...

When you think you have seen them are in for a shock..I also made a lot of mosaics at my friends place..We have been friends since we were 8 years old, we started collecting at the same age and we are now in our mid-forties...

embroideries with roses are favourite
Jeannette made this one with pieces of China she found in a wood, she combined it with little toys also found in the mud....

As soon as I find time I will place some more mosaics in this chapter since I absolutely love Cindy's idea of a review...

Below a mosaic of the white christmas at Jeannette's place...
so shabby...

jewelry mosaic number 3
Jewelry and the favourite statue
shabby chique all over the place...
This is Christmas in the cabinet in which she keeps her fleamarket finds of blue china, she has combined it with antique christmas ornaments and silver, we've been sitting next to all the things just wondering how beautiful they are...and how many times we've been to the fleamarkets...
some pink, pastels and white all over the house...the heart with the word JILL on it, she has made that one of antique lace and pins as a birth gift to her daughter Jill.
Christmastime with the old birdies and homemade hearts from old linen.
I will add some more in the next is 1th of january now and there's no time left today to continue....

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rosabeer zei

Wow !!!!! Wat een geweldige foto's weer.
groetjes Marja.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home zei

I don't think I've ever seen so much beauty in one place!!! Wow, I LOVE your style! It's all so gorgeous, I could stay here all day looking at your mosaics! Thanks for joining in on my Year in Review!

Laura Ingalls Gunn zei

What a lovely and wonderfully cozy year you had!
Your images are breathtaking!

Melissa Lester zei

Oh, my, the beauty just goes on and on! Your color palette is so soothing and lovely. I hope 2009 holds many more beautiful adventures!

Catharina Maria zei

Oh , wat zou ik graag om een hoekje willen kijken bij jou .
Zo mooi al die foto's !
xox Rini

desiree zei

You've been so busy this past year. I love and i mean love the mosaic of all the blue doors. Perfect visually!

Maison Douce zei

Okay, you definitely win the prize... I have never seen so many pretties in one post!!!! I will definitely come back to visit a little longer!! Have a wonderful new year!

Something White zei

Mooie foto´s van vele mooie dingen! De link die je opgeeft, is alleen niet helemaal juist, vermoed ik. Zit die dame niet op Typepad? Ik ga eens kijken bij Cindy - My Romantic Home, die hierboven een commentaar heeft geschreven! :)

Marja zei

Zozo, Sylvia goes international ;-)

Prachtige mozaïken, en wat leuk dat iedereen zo positief reageert.
Eindelijk krijg je het commentaar dat je al zo lang verdiende!
You go for it girl!!
Lieve groet van Marja Indevoorkamer

Carolyn zei

Wow!!! Lots of beauty here.I will be back again for sure!

Suzy zei

WoW!!! I love your photos and I must say WHAT A FANTASTIC YEAR!
I am so glad I fund your blog and all the beauty around here. I can't wait to see all the beauty in 2009.


Jen r. zei

Love these fabulous mosaics! They must've taken you a long time! Beautiful! Happy New year!

FrenchGardenHouse zei

oh my g o s h!! How beautiful is your blog. Te gek mooi. Ik heb er totaal van genoten. Ik wens je alles goed voor het nieuwe jaar.
xo Lidy

Rhondi zei

Hi Sylvia
Your collages are amazingly beautiful. I'm so glad you participated in Cindy's year in review so I could find you. What a beautiful home you must have.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home zei

I had to come back and look at your mosaics again! It's just so beautiful! I'm adding you to my favorite blogs!

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" zei

What a wonderful year you had....Loved all your pictures...what a wonderful story you showed in pictures....
Happy New Year!!!!!
Mo ;-)

Judy @ In His Grip zei

You did a great job love all of your mosaics. Great pics.


Oh Sylvia, your mosaic photos are absolutely breathtaking! I want to come back again and again. Thank you for visiting my site. I hope to add even a portion of the beauty that you have to the world of blogging.


chatelaine zei

So many beautiful mosaics! I especially liked the doors of Paris and Normandy I would love to go back there someday.

Thanks for a wonderful journey through France!

Pear tree cottage! zei

My gosh..........candy for the eyes is exactly what I think your post is, truly beautiful.

I visited you many months ago and until today was not sure how to find you again.........I am so pleased to be here to say "Happy New year"

Lee-ann - Australia

Bizzie Bie zei

Fantàstisch blog met mooie, sfeervolle, rust ademende foto's!
Zou best eens 'n wandelingetje door je huis willen maken....
'k Had hier n.a.v. 't linkje naar je blog dat je me stuurde al 'n kijkje genomen en heb zitten kwijlen bij de foto's van de Franse rommelmarkten (ben zelf ook fervent 'rommelverzamelaarster :-D )

Ik kom vast wel weer eens langs om nieuwe inspiratie op te doen en te genieten van je foto's!

'n Heel voorspoedig en creatief 2009 gewenst!

Groetjes, Bizzie Bie

Our Back Porch zei

Wowie! Beeaa-utiful!
Thank you for sharing with us!

Blessings for 2009!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose zei

Your photos and mosaics are so beautiful!!
I want to keep looking at them!

Catharina Maria zei

Lieve Sylvia , als je er prijs opstelt kan je een award ophalen van mijn blog !
Ik heb dit jaar genoten van al het moois op je blog en hoop dat volgend jaar op dezelfde voet voort te mogen zetten ;o)
Fijne jaarwisseling en alle goeds voor 2009 .
Liefs Rini

Catharina Maria zei

Hoi Sylvia , je mag de award door geven aan wie je maar wil ,en er op je blog bij zetten van wie je hem ontvangen hebt , meer regels zijn er niet .
Sommigen geven het aan 3 bloggers maar ik heb er zelfs 7 namen bijgezet , en je zal zien hoe moeilijk het is om te kiezen want iedereen doet zijn best .
Sterkte met uitdelen ;o) Rini

Bre zei

Amazing - your blog was breathtakig to visit - I wanted to linger here and slowly enjoy all the mosaics.

I'll definitely be back when I need a little serenity and calm.

I love your bedroom !


The White Bench zei

WOW! What beautiful collages you made !!!! It is just stunning a post!! Thanks for sharing, and have a Happy New Year!

vintagewindow zei

Oh' WOW!! What a lovely home. I love the soft colors and your photography. Beeee-utiful!


Miss Sandy zei

I think I have died and gone to blog heaven! The pearls, posies, birds, and bobbles are delicious! I must book mark your site and come back for a longer visit! Happy New Year!

Styling by Coty Farquhar, Australia zei

Oh my goodness !!

I had a dream the other night about your blog site. I knew I would meet you. My dream told me that I would meet someone very creative very soon. I feel like I am looking at my own cupboards, however you're much more organised than me.

Thank you also for adding my link to your page, I am just about to add you to my very creative list.

Your images are very beautiful. I will be back shortly when I am not so tired. I'm absolutely exhausted after a very big night out for New Years Eve.

Happy New Year,

xxxx Coty

miss gracies house zei

Breathtaking! I'll be back!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents zei

Oh my goodness, what lovelies you have shared with us!! I adore your use of calming whites, & your bedroom is spectacular. I also collect cherubs, so I especially enjoyed those. But what truly takes my breath away are all those darling little white hearts!!

Happy New Year!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Carolyn zei

I had to come back to see all your beautiful mosaics again.Love your blog and I have added you to my favorites list.Thank you for visiting me as well and adding me to yours.My Mom is from Holland and came to Canada as a war bride.I have cousins in Holland whom I have not met yet.
Happy New Year!

just a little bit shabby zei

Your blog is truly inspirational. The photography is spectacular. I can't even express how beautiful and talented you are.!!!!!

handmade jewelry zei
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