maandag 29 december 2008

what's another year ? part 2: In my garden

These pictures were all taken last year and now that Cindy of has come with this wonderful great idea of a big review I 've come to make this second chapter reflecting the year my garden.

What's another year in my garden? Since about 10 years I am the proud renter of my own alotment. I rent a piece of ground of about 600 m2 and I can do whatever I want with it (except keeping animals) . I like flowers, herbs and all kinds of fruits so I've made a few borders in pink, blue and white and there are several trees with apples, pears, cherries, etc. The flowers I grow are a good swap to the vegetables of my neighbours who are growing lettuce, cabbage etc.

These mosaics were all made of pictures I've taken in the blue part of my garden and in my greenhouse. I am not growing any plants in this one, I'm only keeping the things I've collected over the years in there, to create a sort of home. In summer I spend about 4 hours a day in my garden.
The white part of the garden is not so big, it has a nice shed in it, I've painted it black and blue.
The pink part is so nice...there are so many flowers you can use in there..., blossoms of the trees, geraniums, poppies, rose's etc.

The part of the garden that was meant for the children....

Grey in the garden, mainly herbs....

In the autumn the colors changed....
The pumpkins were not my own, this picture was taken in another alotment.

What's for dinner?

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Brimstone zei

Je tuin moet een echt romantisch paradijsje zijn! Ik verheug me al op je tuinlogs in de lente en de zomer.

Wat een mooie verzameling blauw/wit servies heb je op de tuin!

Rhondi zei

Hi Sylvia
The photos of your garden and home are so beautiful! I love all the blue and white you have, especially the china. I like the color blue of your china hutch. I painted mine red, but blue was my second choice and seeing yours makes me wonder if I should repaint it.
I'll be looking forward to more pictures of your beautiful home this coming year. I hope 2009 is a wonderful year for you!
Hugs, Rhondi

rosabeer zei

Toen ik je foto's bekeek moest ik erg denken aan de tuin van Ineke Greve in Heerlen. Ben er twee maal geweest tijdens de open dagen echt een aanrader. Allemaal tuinkamers op kleur met prachtige borders.
Echt prachtige foto's weer, en je blauwe servies is ook zo mooi. Ligt je tuin vlakbij je huis of is de tuin op een volkstuincomplex ?
Ziet er uit als een paradijsje.

Carolyn zei

Love all your ohotos.Love the blue wooden shoes.I think I will paint the old pair I have after seeing yours.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home zei

It is all so beautiful! I'm so happy I found your blog! There is just so much beauty here!

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